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PAPER DREAMS (March Lottery)
Program Description: 
In a brand-new collaboration with Mons Dansa Dance Company Barcelona, Spain, we bring to life our first DANCE performance based show, perfect for ages 1-5 that explores the many facets of creativity. A fun, interactive production that tells the story of two delightful creatures who live inside a wastepaper basket. Can our greatest mistake actually turn out to be the next greatest innovative idea?
Program Time: 45 minutes
Date: 03/28/2017
Time: 10:30am
Length of Event: 45 minutes
Location: Imagination Stage, 4908 Auburn Ave, Bethesda, MD 20814
Discipline: Other- Arts
Curriculum Connections: Music/ Music Production, Dance, Theatre 
Appropriate Grade Level(s): Pre-K, K

  for Paper Dreams 

Presented by: 
Imagination Stage
Laura and Valentina are teenagers just trying to make it through another day in middle school. But, unlike many of their peers, they are refugees from Central America who have fled brutal violence in their home countries to find shelter and pursue their dreams in the United States. Step inside their shoes, hear their stories, see their struggle, and feel their strength as we move through their day. Óyeme, the beautiful brings to light the undaunted courage and beautiful spirit that fuels these young people, and teaches us the power of friendship, family, and hope. 
Dates: 3/28/17, 3/29/17, 3/30/17, 3/31/17
Time: 10:15 AM   
Length of Event: 1 hour and 15 minutes
Location: Gala Hispanic Theatre
Discipline: Theatre
Curriculum Connections: Theatre, Humanities, Social Studies
Grades: 8

REGISTER HERE for Óyeme, the Beautiful on 3/28/17, 3/29/17, 3/30/17, and 3/31/17

Professional Development

: ¡Óyeme! (which means hear me in Spanish) strives to provide a creative arts outlet for young people, utilizing best practice culturally-based, trauma-informed theatre and arts activities to create a sense of community among the participants, and provide a safe space for immigrant youth to share their stories.   Learn the techniques for using theatre as a tool for creating a safe space in your classroom, as a vehicle to share stories, and how it can promote language development.  This workshop will be led by playwright Miriam Gonzales and Director Elena Velasco.  It will explore themes of the play Oyeme based on the stories of refugee youth and provide hands on activities that teachers and community leaders can bring back to their students.
Date: March 20, 2016
Time: 6PM-7:30PM
Location: Sacred Heart School, 1625 Park Rd NW Washington DC 2001
Max participants: 30
Grades: All grades are welcome *recommended for middle school and high school*


Previous Events

Presented by: 
Imagination Stage
Sam and charlie are best friends and baseball fanatics in Pittsburgh, PA, in the year 1972. Puerto Rican superstar Roberto Clemente is the hero of the Pittsburgh Pirates, having lead the team to victory after years of losing. When a mysterious fly ball transforms Sam into a Little League Superstar pitcher, he is invited onto the most prestigious Little League team in town, while Charlie is rejected for being a girl. Charlie forms her own team with the less athletic kids and her new friend Tommy, a boy with a disability. Sam and Charlie ultimately discover what it truly means to be a "hero" when their final game coincides with Clemente's fateful decision to deliver supplies to earthquake victims in Nicaragua. 
Dates: 10/31/16, 11/1/16, 11/2/16, 11/3/16, 11/4/16, 11/7/16, 11/8/16, 11/9/16, 11/10/16, 11/11/16, 11/14/16, 11/15/16, 11/16/16, 11/17/16, 11/18/16
Time: 10:30 AM   
Length of Event: 1 hour and 15 minutes
Location: Atlas Performing Arts Center
1333 H St NE, Washington DC, 20002
Discipline: Literary Arts, Civics, Social Studies, History, Geography
Curriculum Connections: English/Language Arts, Foreign Language, History/Geography, Diversity
Grades: 3rd

This AHFES experience is completely underwritten by Imagination Stage. Educational Materials were developed with DCPS curriculum specialists and are coming soon! This experience is also connedted with the 'Bringing Drama to the Classroom' PD listed below. Register or read more info about the workshop below and through this link.

Looking for Roberto Clemente was available in the Fall Lottery

Presented by: Imagination Stage

If you have, this is the story for you! Abilene adores her china rabbit doll, Edward Tulane. But, Edward is spoiled and ungrateful until fate takes him on an emotional roller-coaster of an adventure through the 20th century. He is lost overboard on an ocean liner, fished up by a kindly villager, dumped in a heap of garbage, rescued by a hobo and his dog, turned into a scarecrow, and adopted by a little boy who gives him as a gift to his sickly sister. Little by little, Edward discovers goodness and humility. Inspired by the constellations, he learns to keep an open heart. Kate DiCamillo’s award-winning book translates beautifully to the stage. And, as in all good stories, even our reluctant hero finds a happy ending!
Dates: 10/12/16 and 10/28/16
Time: 10:45 AM            
Length of Event: 1 hour and 15 minutes
Location: Imagination Stage
4908 Auburn Ave Bethesda, MD 20814
Discipline: Theater 
Curriculum Connections: Language Arts
Grades: 1-5

View Education Materials here. 

The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane was available in the Fall Lottery

Presented by: 
Imagination Stage
Set in the year 3000, we meet Snow Whyte- a grafiti artist locked in competition with her arch rival, Kanye East, over which of them makes the "freshest" images in the universe. Both depend on a Simon Cowell-type celebrity called Mira to decide which of them is the best. After her exile to a distant planet, Snow Whyte is sheltered by two rapping alien twins (reminiscent of the Seven Dwarves), and survives two visits from the vengeful Kanye, dressed in crazy disguises. She then uncovers the true secret to talent: that it is shared equally among all people, and not exclusive property of anyone. 
Dates: 2/8/17, 2/15/17
Time: 10:45 AM   
Length of Event: 1 hour and 15 minutes
Location: Imagination Stage 4908 Auburn Ave, Bethesda, MD 20814
Discipline: Music/Music Production, Theatre
Curriculum Connections: English/Language Arts, Technology, Diversity, Science
Grades: 1-6

The Freshest Snow Whyte was be available in the December Lottery.


Presented by: Imagination Stage
Specific to teachers attending our production of Looking for Roberto Clemente at The Atlas Performing Arts Center, teachers will have an oportunity to delve deeper into themes of the show and also the ways in which one can use arts integration techniques to bring out their student's creativity. Learn the new creative drama techniques and meet colleagues while learning from Imagination Stage teaching artists. This event is co-sponsored by DC Public Schools.
Date: 10/25/2016
Time: 6:00 PM
Length of Event: 2 hours
Location: Atlas Performing Arts Center
1333 H Street, NE Washington, DC 20002
Discipline: Theatre, Humanities Learning, Arts Integration
Curriculum Connections: English/Language Arts, Diversity
Grade: Teachers of grade three are specifically targeted but all teachers K-5 are welcome

This workshop is associated with 'Looking for Roberto Clemente' to assist teachers with linking the trip to their classroom.

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