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"Learning how to create messaging allows us to absorb messaging more thoughtfully, and vice versa. Taken together, they’re a potent force. I call it media savvy. I’ve made it a central theme in my life to help others—particularly kids in less-privileged areas—gain access to this invaluable skill." View more information on their Member Feature Page.

AHFES In-School

Commercials and Public Service Announcements: What’s Your Message?
Presented by: Slingshot Video

Students are introduced to the fundamental techniques of media messaging and video production through examination, development and production of commercials and Public Service Announcements (PSA’s). Students develop skills essential in the recognition and creation of precise and effective messaging in mass media through critical discussion, group projects and a personal on-screen proclamation.
Length of Event: 4 one-hour visits (or however long your class periods last)
Location: IN SCHOOL
Discipline: Media Arts
Curriculum Connections: Diversity, Architecture/ Urban Studies, Technology, Communications, Media Literacy
Grades: 5th - 12th
Capacity: 15-20 students per workshop

for Commercials and Public Service Announcements: What’s Your Message?

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