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By teaching students to express themselves through the art of playwriting, YPT develops students' language skills, and empowers them with the creativity, confidence and critical thinking skills they need to succeed in school and beyond. YPT honors its students by involving them in a high-quality artistic process where they feel simultaneously respected and challenged and by engaging professional theater artists in producing student plays for the community. View more information on their Member Feature Page


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Three Cheers to Grace
Presented by: Young Playwrights' Theater

"After waking from a coma following a tragic car accident, Eliza becomes devoted to her hospitalized best friend, Grace, who remains comatose. But as time goes by, Eliza must come to terms with Grace’s condition, the truth of the accident and her own coming of age, while Grace must watch the world move around her, unable to speak, but with so much to that needs to be said. YPT is proud to present the work of playwright Josie Walyus, currently a sophomore at H-B Woodlawn Secondary Program. Please note, the trigger warnings for this performance are self-harm and domestic violence."
Date: 2/26/18, 2/27/18, 2/28/18
Time: 11:00AM
Length of Event: 100 minutes 
Location: 4618 14th St NW, Washington, DC 20011
Discipline: Theatre
Curriculum Connections: English/ Language Arts
Grades: 9th-12th
Ticket capacity: 120 per date. (Please limit request to approximately 50 students per school, if possible so we can reach as many schools as possible. Smaller groups are easiest to accommodate in our transportation budget.)

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AHFES In-School

In-School Playwriting Program
Presented by: Young Playwrights' Theatre

The In-School Playwriting Program integrates the art of playwriting into the classroom in order to enhance student literacy, creative expression and communication. Students explore playwriting, revision and performance with professional playwrights, actors, directors and teaching artists in the classroom.
Students learn the importance of language structure, grammar, spelling, and vocabulary choice as a means of clearly communicating their own thoughts, choices and imaginations to the world around them. During a carefully crafted series of standards-based, in-class workshops, students explore the mechanics of language, drama and self-expression, culminating in the creation of their own original play.
Length of Program: Each workshop is approximately an hour long. This program is offered as a series of 12 workshops over the course of 12 weeks (adaptable based on the needs and schedule of each school).
Discipline: Theatre
Curriculum Connections: English/ Language Arts
Grades: 3rd - 12th

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