The DC Collaborative is pleased to announce that Washington, DC was named the 25th Any Given Child city by The John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts.

What is Ensuring the Arts for Any Given Child, DC?

Entering its ninth year, the primary goal of the Kennedy Center’s Ensuring the Arts for Any Given Child (AGC) collective impact program is to assist communities in developing and implementing a plan for expanded arts education in their schools, ensuring access and equity for all students in grades preK-12. Each AGC site begins with the established program framework, and then builds on that framework under the guidance of the Kennedy Center’s AGC consulting team. The Kennedy Center team tailors their guidance to the unique needs of each site. For example, the existing AGC model centered around arts education grades preK-8.  DC is the first site where the model will expand to serve grades preK-12. Participation in the Any Given Child DC program is an extension of the Collaborative’s Collective Impact work.

Three phases of the Any Given Child program:

  • Strategic Planning (year 1)
  • Implementation (years 2-4)
  • Sustaining (years 5 and beyond)

Strategic Planning Year

The AGC process includes a strategic planning year with a Community Arts Team (CAT) comprised of 30 representatives from the Mayor's Office, DCPS Chancellor's office, arts educators, cultural institution partners, communications, corporate and philanthropic leaders. View the Washington, DC CAT members.

What does the Community Arts Team do?

The Community Arts Team has seven consecutive meetings throughout the course of the strategic planning year. They develop a vision statement around ensuring equitable access to a high quality arts education for all students in the DC public education system, develop and distribute instruments for data collection, review the the results to determine gaps in service and develop long-range goals based on the data. DC Public Schools has appointed a research and evaluation specialist to assist with designing the data tools, and with outreach and collection. The Community Arts Team will survey arts specialists, classroom teachers and key staff, principals, arts organizations, teaching artists/practitioners and DCPS Central office staff.

What is the DC Collaborative’s Role in the Community Arts Team?

The Any Given Child initiative is for the DC Community as a whole, not one specific organization. The DC Collaborative is an equal member of the Community Arts Team and participates as the official liaison (or backbone support organization) between the independent facilitators and the Community Arts Team, providing leadership at CAT meetings and logistical/communications support. In addition, the Collaborative participates as a member of the Community Arts Team Working Group, leading Any Given Child work overall and completing additional tasks between meetings.

National Network

The Any Given Child program provides access to a network of 25 communities all over the country who are doing this work. With the Kennedy Center’s Ensuring the Arts for Any Given Child program acting as an umbrella, the DC community has access to national data gathering tools and best practices. In addition, there is an Any Given Child national exchange each February and representatives from the DC Collaborative and the Community Arts Team will be in attendance.

Who reviews the data collected?

The CAT and working group will collect and analyze the data. Through the DC Collaborative’s NEA Emerging Collective Impact award, the Collaborative will hire an external evaluator to review the Any Given Child DC data collected The external evaluator will primarily participate in the second year of the grant, the 2018-2019 school year. The external evaluator will also assist us in aligning the AGC DC data to data previously collected by the DC Collaborative, Commission on the Arts and Humanities, DC Office of Out-of-School Time and the Cultural Plan.

Focus and Disciplines

Any Given Child program has a narrow focus on arts education programming for DCPS, during school time grades preK-12.

Humanities and Out-of-School Time Programming

The DC Arts and Humanities Education Collaborative remains committed to humanities organizations and practitioners! During the 2018-2019 school year the we would like to take a look at programming with a humanities focus in addition to out-of school time, early childhood and arts for the aging occurring in the district. This will give our community a comprehensive look at all of the arts and humanities education programming occuring in the city.

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The DC Collaborative is a FY18 Service Organization grant recipient of the DC Commission on the Arts and Humanities.

The DC Collaborative is proud to receive a grant for its Collective Impact work supported in part by an award from the National Endowment for the Arts.