Active dues-paying DC Collaborative Members and may submit programs for the Arts and Humanities for Every Student (AHFES) program and Professional Development initaitves beginning in mid-May annually. 

Arts and Humanities for Every Student (AHFES) Through the Arts and Humanities for Every Student (AHFES) program, the DC Collaborative offers opportunities for all students in the DC Public Education system to take full advantage of the vast cultural resources available throughout the greater DC region. Students attended high-quality arts and humanities events an integral part of their education. Whether at cultural institutions  or in-school, these stimulating programs entertain and inform students, while providing them with concrete, engaging learning experiences that bring standards and curriculum to life. Participating organizations supply teachers with preparatory materials, adding further incentive to integrate the arts into their daily lessons. This program continues to grow each year.

Professional Development Workshops (PD) The DC Collaborative, in partnership with its members, offers Professional Development Workshops to all DC public and public charter school teachers, which focus on dance, visual arts, humanities, theater and music and how best to integrate these disciplines into their teaching practices. These workshops take place throughout the year at the hosting cultural organization and through DC Collaborative Professional Development series events. In addition to Professional Development Workshops offered by members, the DC Collaborative has hosted Professional Development Institutes which are day-long sessions focused on arts integration teaching techniques and cultural empathy/awareness. 

Participate in AHFES!

  • Submit an "AHFES at Cultural Institutions Field-trip Program" Link
  • Submit an "AHFES In-School program" | Link
  • Submit a Professional Development program | Link

Information is due by COB on June 28th for the AHFES Review, or one month before each lottery cycle.  

  • Fall Programs Deadline: August 9th
  • Winter Programs Deadline: November 1st
  • Spring Programs Deadline: January 31st

Questions: Email, 202.470.6467 ext. 4

AHFES and PD Submission Checklist

AHFES and PD Submission 

  • Program Submission
  • Pre- or post-trip Materials (samples accepted)
  • Agenda/ Run of Show
  • Photos
  • Organization’s Logo
  • Pay the Annual Membership Dues by July 31 (here)
  • Reference the AHFES Submission Rubric and PD Application Rubric

Additional PD Submission Supplementary Materials

  • Facilitator’s resume and/or short bio
  • Sample Syllabus/Agenda including a time-line of activities
  • Brief description of how teachers or program will be assessed (if any)
  • Brief description of any homework the teachers will be assigned (if any)
  • Post-trip materials/sample lesson plans that teachers can integrate into their teaching


New! Replacing the previous AHFES Application fee of $50 per program, this year the DC Collaborative will be implementing an admin fee for each program offered through AHFES. All providers will be charged an administrative fee of 10% of the total transportation costs of your program. More info.

Program Criteria and Instructions

The program rubric is available for further explanation of program evaluation criteria.

  • Organizations applying to the AHFES and PD programs must be an active member of the DC Arts and Humanities Education Collaborative in good standing. Meaning, Annual Membership Dues and must be paid by July 31, for program inclusion in the AHFES Online Catalogue.
  • All submissions will be reviewed by the Programming Committee. The Programming Committee will evaluate applications based on the artistic and educational quality of the programs, quality of the pre and post trip materials, standards alignment, and ensure that the program is age appropriate. Organizations should provide instructional materials (both pre and post trip) that accompany the programs to the DC Collaborative and participating schools.
  • At least one pre-trip and one post-trip sample, event related educational materials must be e-mailed to at the time of application. Event-specific materials should be submitted 4 weeks prior to the AHFES experiences if your program is approved. These materials should extend the experience into the classroom and help the teacher connect to curriculum.
  • Events/programs must take place within 30 miles of the District and should begin between 10:00 a.m. and end before 2:00 p.m. Exceptions will be made on a case by case basis.
  • Collaborative Effect! MostAHFES Providers are donating tickets and nearly half help with full or partial transportation reimbursement. To ensure that more students benefit with access to these programs we ask that you to donate tickets or keep costs as low as possible. If you still need us to reimburse tickets this year, the maximum reimbursed cost per ticket is $4.00. We welcome the opportunity to provide boiler-polate language for grant requests so that you can offer more complimentary tickets and transportation reimbursements so we can reach more students. 
  • Complete one application for each event being offered (Multiple dates may be listed per event).
  • If submitting event dates at this time, please check dates against the DCPS 2019-2020 Calendar. Remember to consider holidays, teacher professional development days, and other days off. *** Due to an emphasis of testing in the early April through the end of May, offering AHFES events during this time is discouraged. Last minute cancellations and ticket reductions often occur during these months. We can not gaurantee that a program will 

Additional Guidelines

  • Members will be notified by July 31 of program acceptance with additional new instructions and a MoU with updated AHFES participation policies.
  • If you have any questions regarding your program offerings or how AHFES works. We are always happy to host a meeting at our office! Contact Katherine Custer at
  • The DC Collaborative and Programming Committee accepted into the program will be filled to capacity. Organizations may release all tickets held for AHFES three weeks after the three equitable registration periods, with proper written notification. 
  • The Arts and Humanities for Every Student and Professional Development programs are designed to supplement existing programming at your institutions. Additional funding and outreach efforts on the part of each provider are required for AHFES program participation. 
  • Venue insurance! The DC Collaborative must be listed as a certificate holder on your venue's liability insurance in the amount of 2 million. DC Arts and Humanities Education Collaborative 975 F Street, NW Washington, DC 20004
  • All venues utilized in the AHFES program must be ADA compliant.

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The DC Collaborative is a FY18 Service Organization grant recipient of the DC Commission on the Arts and Humanities.

The DC Collaborative is proud to receive a grant for its Collective Impact work supported in part by an award from the National Endowment for the Arts.