La Magdalena is an award-winning dancer, teacher, and choreographer based in Washington D.C. Her work focuses on the rhythm and musicality of Flamenco Dance, interweaving Magdalena's extensive knowledge of the craft with an academic background in education and social work.

Magdalena's career began in 1993 and has been a whirlwind ever since! After just a few years studying herself, Magdalena was inspired to teach people of all ages. She began coaching opera singers in preparation for their roles as "Carmen" and was featured in several documentary films portraying the life of a foreign flamenco artist. In 2009 Magdalena recorded with pop icon Antony & The Johnsons. She has appeared on stage with the Ontological Theater and has been featured performer nationwide with companies such as Flamenco Triana (Chicago), Pasion y Arte (Philadelphia) and Neville Dance Theater (New York City).

In 2013 Magdalena moved with her family from NYC to Washington D.C. Inspired by her little dancing daughter she then created Flamenco 4 Kids!™ - a cultural and community based dance program which currently serves 6 local schools and over 50 students.  She has been awarded grants from The Field and Fractured Atlas for her work as a performing and teaching artist.


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Flamenco Dance & Rhythm
Presented by: Dance Flamenco DC / Flamenco 4 Kids!™ 
The world of Flamenco dance, rhythm, and music is a unique outlet for self-expression. Flamenco 4 Kids™ carefully balances discipline with endless opportunities for fun and character development. Imaginative play is cleverly intertwined with organic ear training as children move their bodies from head to toe! Peek into a class and you may see us learning to stand tall and proud like a King or Queen, stomping our feet in unison like a stampede of horses, or twirling in circles, opening and rotating our hands like blossoming flowers. The final steps are always met with a triumphant shout from the group,... "Olé!"
Date: TBD
Time: TBD
Length of Event: 45 minutes - 1 hour
Location: Virtual
Content Area: Arts
Medium: Spanish; Dance; Performance Art; Music; Rhythm
Learning Standards: Flamenco teaches improvisation, which is to say risk-taking, self-esteem building, and problem-solving. There is also an emphasis on cooperation- the dancer must collaborate with the musician, the musician with singer, and singer with dancer, in order to communicate on stage or in the studio. At the most basic level, Flamenco promotes community and the tolerance of diversity; its very essence is a product of many cultures.
Grades: Pre-K - 7th
Ticket capacity: Each class can only allow 20 students maximum to allow for individualized attention and comprehension check. If there is an overflow in registration I am happy to open an additional group.
Ticket Cost: $1
Supplementary Materials: TBD

for Flamenco Dance & Rhythm

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