KanKouran West African Dance Company

KanKouran West African Dance Company's orginational mission is to preserve and promote traditional West African culture by providing quality entertainment and educational programs to local and national audiences in an effort to facilitate cross-cultural enrichment. As an instructional institution, it was designed to preserve the traditional cultural arts of the Senegambia Region. View more information on their Member Feature Page

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Visit Africa

Presented by: KanKouran West African Dance Company
The “Visit Africa” program dazzles audiences with its exciting and electrifying dances and rhythms that reflect various cultural traditions that relate to the history and culture of West Africa. The objectives of, “Visit Africa,” are to increase students’ understanding of African cultural traditions, explore ways of stimulating students’ non-verbal means of communication, give students an introduction to the history, language and techniques of African dance and drumming, and to expose students to traditional African musical instruments.
Length of Event: 45 minutes
Discipline: Dance
Curriculum Connections: English/ Language Arts, History/Geography, Music
Grades: PreK - 12th
Capacity: 15 to 20 students per workshop (Up to 10 workshops offered over the course of the school year.)

Supplementary Materials: Visit Africa Mini Lesson Plan; Visit Africa Program Guide

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