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Lenore Blank Kelner and Company: Quality Programs and Services for Educators, Teaching Artists and Students Lenore Blank Kelner and Company is dedicated to finding meaningful connections between the arts and learning and provides a wide array of compelling arts integration services for teachers, students, and teaching artists. All of our programs are dedicated to promote student achievement and in closing the achievement gap. We offer a variety of inventive and inspiring arts-based and arts integrated programs designed to address state standards and meet the needs of all students in order to help them reach their full potential as a learner and as a creative individual ready to meet the challenges of the 21st Century. View more information on their Member Feature Page

AHFES In-School

Drama and Literacy Workshops
Presented by: Lenore Blank Kelner and Company

Drama and Literacy is a literature-based drama workshop in which children enact developmentally appropriate and multi-cultural stories in their own words. In these classes students demonstrate both explicit and implicit understanding of the text. Students will:
    - Retell the story in their own words in the proper sequence
    - Identify beginning, middle, and end
    - Infer dialogue that fits the character and the action of the story
    - Problem solve
    - Summarize, paraphrase and draw conclusions. 
Length of Event: 2-3 hours
Discipline: Humanities: Literary Arts, Theatre
Curriculum Connections: English/ Language Arts
Grades: PreK - 1st
Supplementary Materials: Student Worksheet

for Drama and Literacy Workshops


Tuning into Reading: Radio Drama and Podcasts (Residency lasting 4-6 days)
Presented by: Lenore Blank Kelner and Company

Old-time radio dramas transfixed listeners - young and old - through dramatic stories, music, and sound effects. Students are immersed in the reading for understanding, fluency, and expression that practicing and performing their own radio drama requires. They add intriguing sound effects as they collaborate to record a dramatic podcast that can be shared on the school website.
Length of Event: 2-3 hours (Residency lasting 4-6 days)
Discipline:  Humanities: Literary Arts, Humanities: Civics/ Social Studies, Theatre
Curriculum Connections: English/ Language Arts, Technology, DCPS Framework for Arts Learning
Grades: 4th - 8th Grade
Supplementary Materials: Sound Effects Checklist; Listening WorksheetFinal Recording Checklist

forTuning into Reading: Radio Drama and Podcasts (Residency lasting 4-6 days)

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