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Experience portraiture beyond the frame. Our collections present people of remarkable character and achievement. These Americans—artists, politicians, scientists, inventors, activists, and performers—form our national identity. They help us understand who we are and remind us of what we can aspire to be. Get to know us at the National Portrait Gallery. We look forward to sharing the faces and stories of inspiring Americans with you. The mission of the National Portrait Gallery is to tell the story of America by portraying the people who shape the nation’s history, development and culture.

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Voices of Social Justice
Presented by: National Gallery of Art
In Voices of Social Justice, students will learn about some of the major figures who struggled to obtain civil rights for disenfranchised or marginalized groups. They will listen to stories of social justice and analyze portraits of individuals who broke barriers——from key nineteenth-century reformers to modern leaders—and will likely be encouraged to consider how they, too, can become civically engaged. After completing this lesson, students will be better able to analyze key individuals' contributions in the struggle for civil rights from the Civil War to the present, define and understand the terms social justice,  activism, and being an activist, consider how they can make a difference in their own communities, identify and understand the importance of key components of a portrait, and analyze visual clues by utilizing “Learning to Look” Strategies. 
Date: 3/3/2020, 3/11/2020, 3/19/2020
Time: 12:30 PM
Length of Event: 75 minutes
Location: National Portrait Gallery, 8th St NW & F St NW, Washington, DC 20001
Content Area: Social Studies/ History/ Geography, Civics/Government, Arts, Diversity
Learning Standards: For more information on learning standards, click here. 
Grades: 5th - 12th
Ticket capacity: 75
Supplementary Materials: Learning Guide

for Voices of Social Justice 

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