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The mission of Opera NOVA is to promote, foster, sponsor, educate, and develop the understanding, taste and love of opera and its constituent arts throughout our diverse community. Opera NOVA uses the arts to build a bridge linking people of  all socioeconomic levels, ethnicities , ages, races, and disabilities. Opera Nova believes in building universal appreciation for the arts, not only across, but, inclusive of ALL generations and ethnicities.



Opera NOVA was founded in 1992 as a volunteer-based, non-profit charitable organization to bring the joy of opera to residents in the Northern Virginia community.Opera, the pinnacle of all the art forms, was to be made accessible through Mrs. Shouse’s plan of “early intervention” into the lives of young schoolchildren. And so, began Opera NOVA’s 45-year-old tradition to work with the public schools, the great equalizer of American education, to introduce children from all backgrounds to a theater production of a professional opera designed for them.


Description of Education Initiatives: We write study guides teachers can use to describe the field trip and the opera the students will see. The guide also includes information regarding the art behind opera and its constituent arts. For more information, visit their education page

Partnership with the DC Collaborative

DC Collaborative Member since 2008.

"The DC Collaborative assists Opera NOVA with outreach to DC and the students there. It is an important part of Opera NOVA's mission to expand access of opera to students without regard to economic status, race or ethnicity."

Fun Fact! In the history of the children's opera, over 50,000 children have seen our performances.

Contact their education department: Miriam Miller at mcdm1@verizon.net.




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The DC Collaborative is a FY19 Service Organization grant recipient of the DC Commission on the Arts and Humanities.

The DC Collaborative is proud to receive a grant for its Collective Impact work supported in part by an award from the National Endowment for the Arts.