Resources & Reporting

Previous Years’ Infographics

This data was compiled during the COVID-19 pandemic to better illustrate the current landscape of our community of practice. Major points include overall ward reach, student engagement, and average finances.

Using information collected from the 2017 school year to present, the District Data Initiative has been documenting the greater effects of the pandemic on the DC Arts and Humanities Education Community. Major points include finance and staff losses and decreases in reach and engagement.

Other Resources

Below are available resources DDi has gathered or created on DC public schools and education. These resources can be used to support advocacy and amplification of the impact of arts and humanities education.

EdScape, an ‘education landscape’ of interactive infographics, compiled and maintained by the Offie of the Deputy Mayor for Education

DC Collaborative Presents, a public-facing free resource of podcasts recorded as additional content for DDi’s year.

The DCPS Budget Website, with information for current and past submitted DCPS budgets

The DCPCS School Profiles page, with information for individual charter schools

Previous Surveys

Collective Impact Resources