DC Collaborative revised its memberships to provide
a better experience for our community.

Membership tiers are now curated according to packages of service offerings. All member tiers have been created to support individuals and organizations.



Any professional or organization in the DC Metro area that believes the arts and humanities are integral to creating a comprehensive educational experience for DC public school students. We intend to build a member community of diverse backgrounds, professions, and interests, including (but not limited to) teaching artists, arts and humanities organizations, non-profits, for-profits, parents, educators, and government representatives.

Why Should I Become
A Member?

To engage with DC’s larger community of practice. Previous members have valued the central space to connect with other professionals and advocates, discuss important issues affecting our community, and gain valuable insights from peers and experts in the field. Whether you are new to arts and humanities education, a long-time professional, or your work in DC indirectly affects students and families, a membership to DC Collaborative is beneficial!

What is your role as
a member?

Members are expected to contribute to DC’s community of practice by attending DC Collaborative’s membership meetings and events; promoting your education initiatives to the Collaborative’s community; assisting with data collection efforts by conducting and executing surveys and other feedback methods; participating in all District Data Initiative collective impact projects; including DC Collaborative’s logo in your organization’s collateral materials, where possible; and paying annual dues.

How Long is a Membership?

Memberships are annual, from July – June. Members must remain active by paying dues every year. Members may also adjust their member tier from year to year. DC Collaborative strongly encourages members to register in July every year, to access full benefits. However, memberships are accepted on a rolling basis. Any prospective member who has not registered by March is encouraged to wait until the next membership year, starting in July of the same calendar year. Annual fees are subject to change for a new member year, as the Collaborative continually evaluates its service to the community.